One of the first questions potential clients want to know when they contact our company: How much does Business Coaching cost? Although this is a difficult question to answer. We will try to do our best here to explain some general business coaching programmes cost guidelines.

Every business is different in its journey and growth plans. Our most popular programmes are detailed below, and we believe working together to tailor the modules that suit your budget and growth plans is the best way forward for building long-term relationships.

Each program is a month rolling, and you can pause and stop if your circumstances change or need to accelerate your business growth. All our modules are scaled up and scale down fitting around your requirements.

Our guarantee is if you do not get an ROI on the investment you have made. As long as you attend all sessions, complete the homework then we will refund double the difference.

We have never had to refund this as clients we decide to work with go through a pre-selection process to make sure they are ready to make a change and fully committed.

When we work with you, we quickly identity quick wins for your business growth in the first few months. But the most impactful results for our clients both personally and professionally and the light bulb moment is usually around 6 months, and everything starts to make sense and the momentum has already built up.

On average our clients stay 18 months plus as they see they have developed long term strategies, so the business is starting to work without them with the systems and processes in place. Better time management, test and measure, business and financial planning, team growth and accountability.

Our most popular Coaching Programs

Group Coaching

GrowthCLUB is a 90-days business review and business planning day with like-minded business owners and professionals from different industries. The group setting gives you an environment to share ideas and help you select the right strategies to achieve the quarterly growth you desire.

You are coached to implement strategies for…

Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Communication, Leverage, Team Building, Telephone Communication and Sales.



ActionCLUB here you will learn every aspect of business from marketing right way through a 12-month program in class of fellow growth-minded business owners. The fortnightly 2.5-hour sessions fit around the day-to-day of your business and your life and will give you the momentum and know-how to take your business to the next level.

You can bring along up to 3 members of your team to each session i.e sales, marketing, finance, operations etc

£495 monthly – 12 Month Programme


Business Alignment this is one of the most important exercises as we get to go deeper and find out what is it you Want in your Life, more Time, Money or Fun.

The topics covered include 3–5-year Vision (start with the end in mind!), 12 months personal and business goal review, Business opportunities and challenges, Personal Development, 12-month plan of Goals and an Action Plan.

Alignment Consultation £995

Alignment Day £1,995

Alignment Day (Team) from £2,995


One-to-One Tailored Coaching Programmes

 Bronze Coaching is our signature program and the fastest way to optimize your profits and the value of your business by helping you implement a tailored plan, handcrafted from our 3,500 business growth strategies and tactics. Our one-to-one mentor programme is so proven we guarantee results for clients, because we know it works, anywhere, in any economic environment.

Fortnightly £1,295

Weekly £2,495

All prices exclude vat%