Developing a Business That Runs Without You | R&B Industrial Growth Story

“ActionCOACH has allowed me to realise my full potential and my business’ full potential. – Clive Bates, Managing Director.”


The reason behind having an ActionCOACH on board was so Clive would be able to have a business that can operate without him being there. Action Coach was able to structure the business so that the management team can take control of the day to day operations freeing up Clive’s time. The focus was on improving the team, business structure and finance. Focusing on the 90-day plan has enabled Clive to have a clear structure of the business and the direction to where it is a heading, the 90-day plan is also bringing in the results.

The business has recruited four new team members and the turnover has increased by £200k in the last year. The gross profit has risen in the region of £40k and a net profit of £30k. Since being with ActionCOACH, Clive has had more belief not only within the business but with himself too.

ActionCOACH has over 250 coaches within the UK coaching businesses every day in every industry imaginable.