Having run my own start-up companies, you start to see a pattern of seasons in a business journey.

Timing when to be resilient, patient, adaptable, resourceful or push forward with high growth takes focus and commitment.

If you take the example of an Oak tree that has grown for hundreds of years. You can see the branches twisted and weathered, that’s because over the years it has survived harsh winters and hot dry summers. It has grown its roots deep into the ground to find water combine that with its twisted branches to make the best use of light to keep it growing.

One of the things Oaks have learned from their environment is they shorten with age to extend their lifespan.

Credit: Historic UK

Now take a 50-year-old Oak tree with straight branches and the roots have not had time to grow deep. What do you think would happen when the first long Summer or Winter arrives? Its survival rate is not going to be high.

One thing we cannot change is the seasons.

If your business is in Spring, are you making sure you are planting the right seeds and making sure no weeds are growing in your environment?

Summer brings with it opportunities for steady or fast growth depending on which projects or clients you decide to harvest.

Now comes Autumn when valuable resources time and money feed the opportunities taking away the fruits of the labour of your hard work.

Winter is a time to make sure you have not used all your reserves because sometimes this is the season that is the most trying. If you get through this, you know Spring is on its way.