By Andrew Marwood – Customer Journey Agent


Communication and understanding are the cornerstones to building a healthy team and working environment. Creating an environment where everyone can share ideas and concerns no matter how big or small, can go a long way to eliminating unnecessary stress and potentially catching problems before they grow.

Just the other day I had been worrying about something, I was trying to get it clear in my head why it was causing me so much trouble and what specifically was stressing me. After getting it somewhat clear I approached Fiaz worried about what he would say and the outcome of bringing it up. The only thing he was unhappy about was that I did not bring it up sooner and that I had potentially let it weigh on me. We discussed it and after bringing it to the team I realised it wasn’t as big of a problem or concern as I had thought, and best of all no one looked down on me for bringing it up or waved me away as if my concern was irrelevant. We discussed it and I ended up going away feeling more focused and able to get on with my work.

Talking to someone about the problem isn’t off-loading the responsibility, it isn’t an admission of inability to complete a task, it’s opening the doors to discussion, it’s getting a different perspective, it’s an opportunity to get your thoughts and feelings straighten out so that you can see what the real obstacle is more clearly.

And although not everyone can have such an understanding Manager, I know that sometimes we get so wrapped up in the problem we don’t realise that talking to someone can help us to clear the fog and see more clearly.

And in a way that is part of what we do here at ActionCOACH. Having a coach doesn’t mean you can’t run a business or manage your team, not at all! It’s sometimes as simple as getting a different perspective, being able to have a discussion with someone or discovering what the thing holding you back is and then moving through it, rather than letting it drag you down.

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