By Andrew Marwood – Customer Journey Agent


Before joining ActionCOACH Chesterfield I’d had a pretty rough year, particularly relating to getting myself onto the career ladder. I was helped in no way by the Coronavirus and its lockdown, as many people were getting furloughed and so the number of jobs available dropped as many companies closed their doors to weather out the storm caused by the virus. Additionally, I had just finished my degree and so lacking in real paid work experience (expect for my previous years of volunteering) required by so many jobs I was on the back foot to begin with. I wasn’t the best at interviews either and although I slowly got better at answering questions over many interviews, none of them seemed to stick. I was sometimes told I’d come close to succeeding, it was never close enough to get the job.

Fast forward to 2021 and I hear about a new government Kickstart scheme designed for people like me, to assist in getting on to the career ladder. I made sure I attended the Jobcentre nearly every weekend that they had a spokesperson come in to talk about their companies’ Kickstart opportunity.

And after talking with many employers, it finally paid off when I met Fiaz Sadiq, because here I am today working for ActionCOACH Chesterfield, which I never thought I would be.

I am very thankful to Fiaz for the opportunity that he has given me, and I believe the Kickstarter scheme is an extremely good chance for those under the age of 24 to get on to that career ladder, get that vital experience and if nothing else try a job/role for 6-months to see what they think. And the hope is that maybe this story inspires at least one person to just give a Kickstarter role a try or to go into the Jobcentre to meet an employer, because you never know what might happen. Everyone has to start somewhere…

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