Returning back to work and settling back in to your professional role after what’s been such an unprecedented year, is of course likely to trigger different emotions! Whether these emotions are positive or negative, it’s ok to feel how you feel!

We all know that change in normal circumstances can often be difficult, but when you throw a pandemic into the mix, with being out of work, working from home or working in a different way for the past year, then suddenly it’s time to return, it’s likely that you’re going to feel an abundance of emotions; but the thing to remember with this particular situation, is that the pandemic has affected all of us, and you are not alone! It’s actually likely that 90% (probably more) of your colleagues will all be feeling exactly the same!

So what can you do to make sure that you settle back in comfortably? And if you’re the boss, make sure that you and your team feel comfortable and happy settling back into the world of work and your working environment?

Communication plays such an important role anyway when it comes to being happy at work! But after all the changes of this past year, communication is key and more important than ever, when returning back to the workplace, and settling back into the office!


If you’re the boss, listen to your team’s concerns, feedback and ideas. You may not necessarily be able to carry out something they have requested, but you can always look at how you can implement an alternative should a request not be achievable – work with them to achieve the objective.

If you’re an employee, listen to your colleagues and your boss! Just because your boss is the boss, doesn’t mean that they are not human, and they don’t have feelings too… The likelihood is that they are probably feeling the pressure (more so), and are doing all that they can to make sure that you and your colleagues feel safe and comfortable returning to work!


It’s not always easy adapting to change, however sometimes it’s impossible to avoid, and due to the past year there is more than likely going to be changes made/needing to be made at work/within your business and the way in which you work in order to reflect the times.

When adapting to the ‘new norm’ in your workplace, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and everyone is learning how to adapt… So, if you find that you may be uncomfortable with something that has been put in place, or you’re not sure on something, then the key is to always communicate how you feel.

Again, when it comes to your customers/clients, their behaviours may differ to how you remember, or their priorities may have changed – the key to working with them in the best possible way, and adapting to the changes presented, as always is to communicate, listen and importantly reconnect with them – get to know them again, and understand how their feeling and their priorities.


You may not have seen some of your colleagues for well over a year now, and that’s a long time in terms of a relationship, so make sure that you take the time to reconnect! People have dealt with this past year in many different ways, so talk about your experiences – how have you been finding it, how are you finding it being back at work, and in turn they will do they same, which ultimately will be a safe space for the both of you, which you both may probably need without actually realising.


Finally, enjoy it! Enjoy being back in the office and within your professional role.

From all the team at ActionCOACH Chesterfield, we wish you a comfortable and safe return back to business!