My ActionCOACH Journey by Aimee Leversidge

When I first applied for the role of Creative PA at ActionCOACH Chesterfield, I already knew I wanted the job. What I didn’t realise, was the company was also a glass slipper for this not so Disney-like Cinderella.

My eldest child was nearing school age, and having worked full time to climb the ladder in a corporate environment, I was now looking for a job that fit with my family rather than fitting my family in and around my job. Unfortunately, like a lot of us in this day and age – my experience of being a mum in the corporate world had taught me that the two do not always mix. When the interview dates came through, I unfortunately had to decline the opportunity due to a lack of childcare – we are in the middle of a global pandemic after all. When I received a reply to my declination, telling me that a lack of childcare was not going to hinder my chances, and offering me a choice of different times and dates to suit me – I knew this company was different.

Fast-forward and that single act of kindness afforded me the opportunity to work with the ActionCOACH family, specifically ActionCOACH Chesterfield. Not only have I been welcomed with open arms, but I have been thoroughly supported and learnt so much. I’ve received training, been a part of group sessions with other amazing people across the country working in the same position as me, I’ve asked for help from senior people within the ActionCOACH UK organisation and received responses from them personally. I have an amazing work/life balance, for the first time in years, and what’s more – this is actively encouraged.

Due to the training and support I’ve received in a few short months I’ve already managed to progress within this amazing company from Creative PA to General Manager. I’m involved in shaping the business and building the team. I’ve met some amazing clients who are now developing into friends! To be honest, this doesn’t feel like work at all. I love helping people, I love meeting people and watching their lives and businesses change and succeed. I love being able to be myself, and watch people relax into the environment we provide, so that they can take a breath and reset themselves in this crazy world. I love the support we give, and in turn receive. I love the fact that, as a mother navigating her way through the crazy world of balancing her family and her career –ActionCOACH Chesterfield celebrates MY journey, and encourages my family to be involved. ActionCOACH Chesterfield is a company you WANT to be involved with, whether it’s as an employee, a client or a friend. I for one am so grateful for the opportunity to work for such an amazing business, and looking forward to seeing many, many more businesses thrive under the ActionCOACH Chesterfield support and guidance.