What’s it like having Fiaz Sadiq as your Business Coach?

“In the past, I’ve found coaching quite a cold and soulless process, but working with Fiaz is the polar opposite. He is genuine and shares my values, which is important to me. His passion for business and new ideas is infectious, and he has a real drive to give back to the business community. It’s great to have him on my side as my business grows.”

James Hogg, Owner/Founder

Maker’s Name


“It means that I can pull myself out of my business to think strategically, think about my goals and how they are going to be achieved with a talented experienced and personable coach that is there for me through the dark and the good. I would be totally and utterly lost without Fiaz being that thoughtful, dedicated and caring coach that he is. Not just that it’s about just having a coach and paying a bill to say “I HAVE COACH”, it’s about someone that can be there for you in business and understand what is happening in your personal life too,  and be able to support you totally as one individual all round to ensure you reach your business growth and goals, and that is what Fiaz is all about, a world class and amazing person.”

Lauren  Halket, Owner/Founder

Key Global Recruitment


“First he asked to me talk about my actual business and my vision to grow it. From there he asked me about the barriers that were stopping me moving forward and growing the business. We discussed possible solutions to the hurdles and Fiaz was able to direct me very clearly onto a path to start the process of scaling up. I’ve discussed things previously, over the last couple of years, with close family and friends who all agree the business is scalable but none of them are actually able to help me with this, as they have their own jobs etc. Fiaz has managed to start the process after just one session. I feel very confident that he can guide me forwards with this and I’m hoping to open 2 or 3 outlets in the next 6 months with his help. I’d highly recommend you speak to him whether you are starting out or have been in business for a number of years. ”

Tahir Amin, Owner/Founder

The Authentic Asian Street Food


“I have only been working with Fiaz for a few weeks and he has helped me look at all aspects of my business and also myself. He has helped me refocus on what really needs to be done to keep the business moving on the right trajectory, but also taking the time to focus on myself and recognise what I already do well. Thank you Fiaz.”

Stacey Davies-Bowler, Owner

Pinewood Property Estates Ltd