Why should you procure the services of a business coach? A simple question with many, many answers. Let us ask you another question, before we enter into the realm of possibilities available to your business, once you unlock the door to your own potential. The question is this, would you think twice about using the services of a gym, a local exercise class or a personal trainer?

Whether you’re a regular fitness fanatic, gym goer, or someone who sporadically decides to get themselves in shape before reverting back to old habits, we all know one thing – when it comes to our body, if we want to see weight loss and muscle gain results we MUST put the work in.  Those of us who are truly dedicated to making improvements to our mind and body, will sometimes hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers, ask you a series of personal questions, they weigh you, often ask about typical eating habits and personal goals and then give you a realistic view of what you can expect and how long it will take to achieve. Once you agree, they tailor make a plan specifically designed to help you reach your fitness goals – and I’m sure you happily go along with this plan, why? That one is easy, because THEY are the experts of course!

So, what if we told you that you can do the exact same thing – but for your business? A business coach isn’t some form of guru designed to take your hard earned money and tell you how to sell better, because you already know how to do that. Think of a business coach as a personal trainer for you and your business. Your ActionCOACH will not only provide you with the advice that you need, but will continue to follow up with you and evaluate your progress. Your personal growth will be nurtured and fostered as you grow and flourish within the program. Your ActionCOACH will construct an action plan that will put your goals and plans onto paper and hold you accountable for your actions. No matter how long it takes, we will not leave your side until you feel you are ready. If that isn’t enough, here at ActionCOACH Chesterfield we guarantee results OR we will DOUBLE         the difference – what have you got to lose?

How much will it cost? Well, that is completely up to you. We work with you to decide which plan fits in with your needs, and give you realistic outcomes depending on your choice. Not only do we provide a range of 121 coaching programs (just like your trusty personal trainer), but if a community of likeminded business people is more your thing we also provide various coaching clubs, similar to your gym classes. On our schedule are programs such as BookCLUB, ProfitCLUB, Engage & Grow and many, many more.

So, now let’s turn one of our earlier questions on its head and let us ask you this. If you would be happy to procure the services of someone who specialises in helping you to achieve the desired results for both your mind and body, why doesn’t your business deserve the same?