Why I became an ActionCOACH by Fiaz Sadiq

Why did I become an ActionCOACH UK business owner and certified coach? To sum it up in one word….family.

I spent 2 decades travelling around the world for business, I sat in a room with the founders of Apple, was one of the originators of Microsoft teams and ran some of my own – extremely successful companies. In addition to all of the above, I also dedicated a lot of time, money and resource to supplying computers to underprivileged children in third world countries. Many people viewed me as highly successful, but as far as I’m concerned the thing that makes me successful is my family. When I joined the ActionCOACH family, my 9 year old daughter said “I have you back now, dad” and that just proved to me that I had made the right decision.

My own family, are my pride and joy – however that’s not the entire reason I became an ActionCOACH business owner. I don’t want to just help my own family, I want to build a family! A family of clients, a family of colleagues and I want to help be a part of them succeeding in life and teach them that there is more to life than working around the clock. You need to build a life where your business works for you, you don’t work for your business. I want to prevent people from missing out on the core years of watching their family grow without having to sacrifice their business.

So, I guess the question now is…. Do I feel like what I’m doing is working? The answer would have to be yes! Not only do I feel like my clients are really benefitting from the work we do together, but I can see that it’s really helping them – deep down. I’m seeing clients open up, become friends, I’m seeing them thrive both personally AND professionally and I’m watching them do great things which is really inspiring. I think the key to being a successful ActionCOACH business owner is to be authentic, listen to people, understand their journey and where they want to be and then just help them find their way.  I’ve been there, my team have been there, we understand the struggle – we want to help ease that burden.

If anyone has any questions about their business or how we could help, I URGE them to get in touch. We are here for you, and you don’t have to purchase a package to simply talk. You aren’t alone, we are all in this together. To conclude I’m going to leave you with my favourite quote by Jim Rohn “either you run the day, or the day runs you”.