Key Global Recruitment

During my employment in the recruitment industry, I gained valuable experience but was getting frustrated with all the negative press our industry was receiving. When I looked, it wasn’t hard to see why. Being in an environment where a commission was more important than the people we place.

Generally, as recruitment consultants, we were targeted on getting as many CV’s out to clients as possible, a similar story at many agencies, this ‘transactional’ behaviour completely loses sight of the importance of relationship building and getting to know a client’s business, an absolutely critical part of the engagement process that should not be overlooked.

Being such a driven, ambitious and creative person, I felt that I could really make a difference, but being so immersed in that environment it was difficult to be heard.

So I took it on myself to prove to my peers that recruitment is not a heartless career and set up on my own, to provide a bespoke service that gave clients, and candidates alike, a flexible and creative way of working in the ever-changing landscape of modern recruitment.

KPI’s don’t exist here at Key Global Recruitment, everyone has the opportunity to be themselves and build personal relationships when building an executive detailed search.  We enforce a fun, loving, approachable, digital culture, and don’t allow staff to get paid to book interviews, help a candidate get the perfect role, hit phone times, we’re here to add value by being consultative, personal in our approach.

Our philosophy is simple but KEY. We connect the most talented personnel with the World’s best and most innovative companies. We know that matching the right people with the right companies can produce pretty amazing results, although the reality is not always that simple, so that’s where we come in.  When you choose to work with us we have the ambition, drive and determination to help drive your next key move, or  the talent you need to build your team, so let us show you what a difference we can make to unlocking your future.

Our services include:

  • Permanent & Contract Recruitment
  • Head Hunting, Search & Selection
  • Skills Testing (i.e. Technical Tests etc)
  • Reference Checking
  • UK/US & Europe-wide Search & Head Hunting
  • CV and Interview Advice & Coaching
  • Career Development Advice