Fiaz Sadiq – Business Coach and Director
If I were, to sum up in one sentence what I offer business owners, it’s this: I will help you get back to being you. That might sound a little cheesy or even simple, but ‘being you’ brings clarity on what you want, peace of mind, and confidence in making the right decisions. It’s a transformation that benefits not only you and your team but also your loved ones.

Often, the people I work with have fallen out of love with the business they have spent so long investing in. Or their work has become all-consuming, to the detriment of their home lives. They might be ready to take the next big step with their business. Or it could be they want to put in place what’s needed to exit from the business.

Whatever their challenge, the people I coach are all curious and want to effect some kind of change. What would it be like if… I had more time to focus on strategy rather than the doing? … If the team didn’t rely on me for everything? … If I knew where my profit was going? We all know that, with time, the desire to change and, crucially, know-how, great things can happen. But knowing where to start in acquiring the rounded set of business skills needed is often the hardest part.

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